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A summary in english language

THE BLOG "THE NEUTER SPACE" IS A SPACE OF RECOVERY AND OF STRUGGLE FOR ALL THOSE THAT WE LOVE THE LEONES COUNTRY For what NEUTER SPACE? Because this weblog is a place for those who do not have space, for those who are not had in bill, for those who are but are not, for neuter and indeterminate citizens of the Leones Country... the only historical territory of the Spanish State without an own Autonomy. For what INCREDIBLE DWINDLING KINGDOM? Because among the territories that it would like occupy Galice in the west, the annexation for the force that is realized from Castille in the east and in the south and the scorn and oblivion of the Spanish Government the old KINGDOM OF LEON, before big and splendidly, decrease and it diminishes non-stop in such a way that he is remaining today reduced to the simplest form... among all they are leading to end a real ethnocidy with the PEOPLE FROM THE LEONES COUNTRY!!

The LEONES COUNTRY, with its almost 40.000 km2. (in its maximum territorial extension) it is formed by three big territories belonging to the Spanish State: Leon, Zamora and Salamanca. These territories, in turn, are divided in 22 Big Regions or Rodaladas and in 98 Sub-regions or Surodaladas. To all 22 Big Regions it is necessary to add several Regions also from Leon placed in other Spanish or Portuguese territories: Earths of the River Sabor (Portuguese State), Western Band of the River Carrion (Palencia), Band North of the River Valderaduey (Valladolid), The Liebana (Cantabria) and Valderorras (Orense-Galice). The second local government organisation not official, would be the one that was dividing the territory in the regions of: The Bierzo and Valdeorras (Cap. Ponferrada), Leon's mountains and The Liebana (New Riaño), Leon's Earths included Carrion Occidental and Valderaduey (Leon), Earths of Zamora (Zamora), River Sabor (Elevated place of Douro), Bull (Bull) and Earths of Salamanca (Salamanca).

///1-CASTILLE AND LEON is an Autonomous Community WELL VERSED, ARTIFICIAL AND HARMFUL to the LEONES COUNTRY that includes TWO differentiated REGIONS: Leon and Castille. The historical Region of LEON (Leones Country) inside it has suffered MARGINALIZATION, permanent attempts of territorial DESCONEXION, ASSAULTS to the differential fact and deliberate OBLIVION of systematical way. Only with the presence from Leon and of people who loves Leon in the meeting it has been achieved to mitigate the ANNIHILATION OF LEON. /// 2-The old KINGDOM OF LEON was PREVIOUS to the Kingdom of CASTILLE that was born of it. Before Leon had kings, laws and jurisdictions that Castille. LEON is the real REGION COUNTERFOIL of the autonomic current Entity because Castille was only a rebellious County inside it. LEON was the EUROPE'S FIRST KINGDOM that had COURT DEMOCRATIC and its kings were the first ones in adopting OWN SYMBOLS, flags and banners to differ. /// 3-The ASPIRATION and the permanent DUTY of everything FROM LEON honest and of every person who loves Leon it is to obtain, in the first term, the AUTONOMY FOR THE LEONES COUNTRY and the TOTAL and definitive SEPARATION GIVES CASTILLE. The LLÏONÉS (native of Asturias and Leon) is the AUTOCHTHONOUS language of Leon and it is a duty from all DEFENDING HER and TO PROTECT HER. /// 4-VALLADOLID is the ENEMY NUMBER ONE of followed Leon, to short distance of GALICE and thirdly the POLITICAL TRAITORS and sold, some from Leon, who only attend and have attended to their personal interests. The GLOBAL ENEMY is the STATE that DOES NOT ADMIT THE IDENTITY FROM LEON and, derived from it, harms the interests of the from Leon ones. /// 5-The REASON for which Zamora and Leon are today TO THE TAIL of everything, it is THE NON EXISTENCE OF AN OWN AUTONOMY that has led to Leon directed from Valladolid (the capital of the actual official Autonomy), to the RUIN. The personality and the IDENTITY FROM LEON are permament threatened and in DANGER OF EXTINCTION. ///6-The "FOUNDATION VILLALAR" is the maximum expression of Castillian imperialist and predator that tries for all the means to ANNIHILATE THE PEOPLE FROM LEON. It is an ORGAN OF REPRESSION (in a State like Spain in the top of the richest countries of the world and in the XXI century) against a real Leon. It is a manipulative organization that is ALTERING THE HISTORICAL REALITY of the Leones Country from the own SCHOOLS. /// 7-For much that the people who loves Galice pledge, GALICE was not a kingdom and ALWAYS it belonged officially, since the historical Kingdom was constituted as such, to the KINGDOM OF LEON. The medieval Galice since kingdom was because non-existent. /// 8-The possible aspirations of LEON'S INDEPENDENCE OF THE Spanish STATE are, historically, MORE BASED and possess a major HISTORICAL RIGOR that those of Basque Country and Catalonia. Its path as STATE INDEPENDENT UNIT was REAL unlike the territories before mentioned. /// 9-SALAMANCA, ZAMORA AND THE BIERZO are a territory FROM LEON and, therefore THAT CANNOT BE WAIVED./// 10-The RECOGNITION of the Region from Leon IN EUROPE is the first one I PASS, INDELUDIBLE, in order that Leon goes out of its pernicious global condition.

1-Recognition of the Leones Country as official region in Europe ///2-Pressing and manifestations in opposition to High Tension Lada-Velilla's line (a very big agression for the beautiful mountains from Leon) ///3-Put on of the Platform Identity Pro-From Leon ///4-End of the activity and disappearance of the "Foundation Villalar" /// 5-Solution to the conflict of Antibiotics, S. A. (one of the biggest factorys in the Country) ///6-Protection linguistics of the llïonés in the Bierzo and in Sanabria opposite to the cultural imperialism from Galice and the interests created in Madrid ///7-Protection of the residents from Leon in Galicia of the aggression of the expansionist Galicians /// 8-Persecution to the companies and mass media that say to the Community as Castille and Leon or both Castilles ///8-Definition final of the integral plans of development of Leon's mountain ///9-Difussion of the people who loves Leon ideas in the net to major cale ///10-Maxime pressure in order that the Leon Country is recognized to all the levels in the next Statute of the Castille and Leon.

The Leones Country is a territory with a very big and definited historical Celtic influence and for that it´s a territory with importants diferences with the spanish mediterranian regions.


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